Links to other sites.
1. This is the International Ammunition Association’s (IAA) web site, which has information about all kinds of collectible ammunition. MBA “Cartridges of the Month” may be seen at,, and In addition, the IAA has a great Forum which can be accessed from the home page.
2. Lew Curtis, past president of the IAA, has a web site that shows and discusses a wide variety of 9mm rockets, including the German S-Patron rockets that are also discussed in chapter 25 of the book.
3. If you are interested in having a less-lethal device almost identical to MBA’s 40mm Prowler-Fouler, go here where you will see a much-improved version available for sale. The Arma 100 is covered in chapter 22 of the book.
4. David Rachwal has been a serious Gyrojet collector for many years, and he has the only two MBA Lancejet underwater spear guns known in his extensive collection, which also includes the prototype MBA Gyrojet carbine. This is a gallery of pictures of some of his extensive collection. He sometimes has Gyrojets for sale. Go to and select “Longarms” to see an MBA Mark I Model B 13mm Sporter Carbine, serial number B0025, in what appears to be mint condition, for sale as this is being compiled.
5. The St. Louis International Cartridge Show (SLICS) is the world’s best and largest collectible cartridge show, and is held every year in St. Louis, Missouri at the Renaissance St. Louis Hotel, Airport. The show is always the week before Easter, and the next show will be April 20 – 23, 2011. There are many thousands of collectible cartridges at the show for sale or trade, including Gyrojets, from all over the world. I will have another Gyrojet display, plus books and Gyrojets for sale at the 2011 show. The hotel’s web site is at I have been at every show since 1977, and managed it for 10 years. If you have any questions, just ask.
6. and These two online auction sites have been productive for me in acquiring Gyrojet rockets and firearms. I routinely search for “Gyrojets,” “Flares,” and “Less-Lethal.”
7. This is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) home page. Enter “Curios and Relics” (C&R) in the search window, and you will be taken to the C&R page, which has lists of Gyrojet C&R firearms and instructions for obtaining your C&R Federal Firearms License (FFL).
8. This is a large site with many collectible firearms, cartridges, etc. for sale. The site is run by John Spangler, who also does the IAA web site.
9. This is Vic Engel’s cartridge auction site, where current and past auction catalogs can be downloaded as .pdf files. Vic frequently has Gyrojets for auction.
10. This is where I do almost all of my MBA patent research. Creating an account is easy and free, and the patents can be downloaded as .pdf files at no charge.
11. This is Pete deCoux’s cartridge auction site. Pete often has Gyrojets in his auctions.
12. This is the site of the European Cartridge Research Association (ECRA), the European equivalent to the IAA.
13. This is the site of the Australian Cartridge Collectors Association.
14. This is the site of the New Zealand Cartridge Collectors Club.